Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ok, so ever since my husband and I were lucky enough to have our soon to be six yr old daughter I have secretly wanted at least a half dozen more babies. This is crazy you might say and I would tend to agree with you. Especially since we were 35 when we had her and we are currently 41. (Shudder. When did THAT happen?!) But it is true. Then I would see that show with the 19 children that all had the same initial and thought why not?
So anyway, we didn't try to stop getting pregnant again after our daughter was born but it didn't happen. One reason is I breastfed and didn't have a cycle for nearly two yrs and another reason was hubby traveled for work and always seemed to be out of town during the magic moment.
Just before my 40th birthday my cycle was late and so I took a test. BFP! Big Fat Positive! I was excited. Everyone was excited. Unfortunately at 12 weeks 3 days I found out the baby had died at 12 weeks. I will go into this in more detail in another post.
It was horrid and took what seemed like forever to recover and I read all kinds of posts from other women about being able to get pregnant again right away. Didn't happen for us. So I cringed when I would see pregnant women or babies and avoided the baby section of every store. I finally got to a place in early December 2012 where I told hubby that I'm ok with having our daughter. She's perfect and my life. So I kept telling myself this and might have eventually believed it. So when my cycle was due to start in the middle of December and I started spotting (which I did occasionally, usually for three days before I actually started) it was no big deal. Then when the normal three day "waiting" for my cycle to start became no spotting for two days then a little spotting the next I began thinking I was starting early menopause. I discussed this with hubby saying if it is menopause then I could have all the "joys" of a period without the actual period. Mood swings, hot flashes and many other wonderful and exciting things. He, being the funny man he thinks he is, asked, "And what will be the difference from normal?"  Not a brilliant thing to say to a moody upset woman! Lucky for him he was going out of town later that day and people would miss him right away. Lol
So the next morning, just for giggles I asked my sister to bring a pregnancy test home for me. She reminded me that she had some bulk strips in the cabinet and to use one of them. The reason for the bulk pregnancy strips will be another post. She also has a blog on this of her own.
I get a strip and do my thing then prepare for the wait and for it to be negative. As I'm sitting there watching anxiously, I see a very light second pink line and think it must be wrong. I take a pic and send it to my sister and ask if she had ever had this happen. Perhaps a false pos? She thinks it's pretty dark and had never had one do that as she is still trying. I in the meantime take another test to be sure. Mind you, neither of these tests were done with first morning urine. The second test comes up positive also! I am stunned. I take a pic and send it to the hubby. He replies, "Does that mean what I think?!" I am unsure as it is the first time I have used this type of test strips and don't know their reliability. So my sister says she will bring home a digital test and I will try it. She brings home a Clear Blue digital that even an idiot can read. If positive, it says Pregnant. If negative, Not Pregnant. (Warning: this test's readout stops after three days when the battery dies. So take pics of the test or have a backup test.) Idiot proof. Or nervous, excited 41 yr old crazy lady proof. Less than one minute later: Pregnant! We jump up and down, tears in our eyes. Excited. I send a pic of all three tests to hubby and I wait for his reply. I begin to worry that he may have passed out and fallen from his equipment and seriously hurt himself, he takes so long. I call him to be sure he's ok. He is fine and so excited.
I wait until office hours then call my ob-gyn to set up an appointment. They get me in that very day because I am high risk for many reasons.
Woohoo! Excited and oh so scared! Wish me luck!

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